Doing computer screens by hand does my nut, so you're going to have to settle for an odd mish-mash. Not every comic will be coloured like this. For one, I don't have the time to colour every comic, and secondly I'd like to think this site'll be an opportunity to experiment, so hopefully we'll be seeing a mixture of styles emerging after a while!

Got Some exciting stuff planned for the site, mainly to do with opening up the projects bit and getting some content in there!

It's old and by no means our own, but In the mean-time, have this (click it, you gump).

- Toby

NEW STORE PRODUCTS! - 05/04/2010

So you know I mentioned some exciting new things? Two of these things are the first of many coming products in our store: a snazzy zombie poster and a nice big mug of man the fuck up. I don't honestly know how related to the comics the stuff that'll end up there will be, but hopefully it'll all be AWESOME. The poster is pretty Southampton specific, but I think the stein has a universality which rings across studentdom.

- Toby