Got a lot to say about this one... So, this isn't really new, but I was waiting for an opportunity to crack it out. I like it mainly because it's almost entirely visual, and I think that such things are occasionally important in an essentially visual medium, especially as I often tend to get too wordy, being an English student. It was the first comic I coloured by hand (crayons, if you hadn't guessed!) It is also fairly important, in terms of the site anyway, because it was after showing Al this comic he asked if I'd be interested in doing some web comics with him. That's history, guys!

Upon reflection I guess its pretty dark, and I'm fairly sure there's a lot of us that this will find it a bit sad. I know that I for one wouldn't want to be rememebered by my school career alone. I have to admit that after drawing all the panels of his life (and they were big, about 1/3 of an A4 page for the smaller ones) it was with a wry smile and a heart heavier than it should have been that I penned the last one.

This coming Monday we're posting up Catherine's first comic, co-written with Alex- exciting times! Also, what with Cat on board, we should now see a regular update schedule, with new comics on Mondays and Thursdays. Hopefully.

- Toby