A RARE PREQUEL- 15/07/2010

One for all you batman fans out there, evidently, 'The Joker' is not a creation of ten a penny comics, just want to clear that up before DC throw the book at us!

Consider this or own fanciful interpretation of his back story, with a dark and surreal twist! Catherine decided the classic style joker would be more appropriate for the 'ten a penny' comic format, so don't be hating on us. We admire Heath Ledger's interpretation of the character but felt this more iconic image would suit the joke better than a caricature of him a la 'Dark Knight'.

Apologies for the fuck up's last week, we'll be making up for it post haste, so watch this space folks!

- Alex

ALSO...- 15/07/2010

Yeah, apologies for not being on top of things. Being the one who updates the site I haven't gotten things done even when the other guys have gotten them done, so it's my fault!